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Frequently Asked Questions

1. General organizational issues

In what format will the conference be held?

The format of the VIII International Conference «Engineering & Telecommunications  En&T-2021» (hereinafter  conference): online. The conference will be broadcasted on the Zoom platform.

Who is participate in offline format and who is participate in online format?

Absentee participation in the conference is expected for all participants and listeners due to the epidemiological situation.

Where will the conference take place?

Attention! This year there will be no in-person attendance at the conference.

Conference format: online,

Where can I find the conference schedule and when does it take place?

The conference lasts two days — November, 24-25. Detailed schedule can be found here.

How can I get access to the conference?

To access the conference as a listener or a participant, the prior registration is required.

2. Submission of work

How to submit my paper?

You must submit your paper on the conference website after registration. You will receive a letter to the mail confirming registration, after which a corresponding button will appear in the upper right corner in your personal account for submitting your paper.
While submitting a paper, it is necessary to indicate the format, in which it will be presented, as well as which of the authors will present it. All papers must be submitted in accordance with the requirements, specified here.

In what language had I write the paper, in what language had I make a presentation and speak to an audience?

If you submit a paper to the RSCI, then you can choose between Russian or English.
If you submit a paper to the IEEEE, then only in English.
The working language of the conference is English, the presentation and speech at the conference must be also in English.

How to calculate the contribution?

 All information on registration fees can be found here.

How do I pay the fee?

Payment is possible according to the requisites, which can be found here.

I've submitted a paper - what's next?

After uploading your work through your personal account, our expert checks its correctness, makes the necessary edits and sends it for revision, if it's required.
Also, an information letter about further actions will be sent to the mail that you indicated during registration.

3. Presentation at the conference

Is it required to present my paper at the conference?

To publish a work in the collection of conference papers, it must be presented at the conference. Detailed shedule can be found here.
Papers not presented at the conference will not be published.

Can I speak at the conference remotely?

Yes, the conference's format allows you to do this. While submitting a paper, it is necessary to indicate the format, in which it will be presented, as well as which of the authors will present it.

Are there any requirements for presentation design?

For your convenience there is a presentation template. It will be available for conference participants after payment. Presentation requirements can be found here.

4. Technical issues

Will the broadcast be available?

Yes, the broadcast will be hosted on the online platform. A link for listeners will be posted on the main page of the event. A link for conference participants will be sent to the email specified during registration.

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